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Vesta  Professional  Alarm

The Vesta Professional Alarm is a powerful, fully wireless IP and 4G Cloud based business security platform. It has a class leading wireless sensor range with a built in Zigbee gateway allowing each panel to connect 160 sensors across multiple areas. Encrypted wireless sensors ideal for harsh environments provide enhanced security with optimum range up to and exceeding hundreds of meters great battery performance.

In today‚Äôs day and age, our mobile phones are always by our side, which is why Vesta provide an intuitive phone app which will allow you to control your alarm system remotely. 

Forgot to arm your system? Never again.


With our security monitoring, you will not only keep your business Safe, Sound & Secure, but you will gain the ability to arm & disarm your system via a simple mobile app.


VESTA HSGW Smart Panel Kit - 3G/4G

1 x VESTA HSGW F1 Zigbee IP Panel
2 x VESTA PIR Detector  
1 x VESTA Remote Controller 
1 x VESTA  Outdoor siren sound and strobe light.

Connects to your existing network with 4G back-up
Get alerts direct to your mobile phone
Installed from $1195*

Individual Accessories available 

*Prices subject to change, installation extra