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Yale Smart Phone Alarm

The Smart Phone Alarm is one of Yale’s top of the range home alarm systems. (iPhone/Android)

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Fibaro Home Automation

Currently, the FIBARO system is the best building automation solution available on the market.

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AARC Farm Pack
Protect Your Home & Property with a Robust Super High Definition Video Camera Network
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Dahua Professional CCTV Systems - 6MP Kit

-Dahua 8 Channel 4PoE  NVR

-Seagate Surveilance 2TB HDD

-4 x 6MP IP Cyclops 2.8mm IP67 Camera's

$1754.00 Plus installation

Dahua Professional CCTV Systems - 4MP Kit

-Dahua 8 Channel 4PoE  NVR

-Seagate Surveilance 2TB HDD

-4 x  4MP Eyeball IP Camera's

$1274.00 plus installation

  • Control your front door, monitor your home and property.
  • View security cameras & receive notifications on your smartphone.
  • Automatically turn on your lights when a sensor is tripped.

3G / 4G Internet option

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