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Wireless Links/Networks

Safe Smart Home have many option to join your home, business or even a remote camera to one place, one network.

  • Point-to-Point (PtP): Connects two locations, usually at a distance of multiple km, essentially forming an Ethernet bridge.
  • Point-to-Multipoint links (PtMP): Connects three or more locations, using one Base Station (or Access Point) and multiple CPE devices (Stations) connected to the Access Point.

We recommend and use Ubiquiti equipment.

Below are some of our most commonly used products.

NanoBeam 5AC Gen 2 Wi-Fi Points

AirMAX® ac CPE with Dedicated Management Radio Model: NBE-5AC-Gen2 
Uniform Beamwidth Maximizes Noise Immunity 
Dedicated Wi-Fi Radio for Management 
AirMAX ac Processor for Superior Performance

Data Sheet Download

NanoStation Access Points

5 GHz airMAX® AC Radio 

Models: NS-5AC, Loco5AC 

Ubiquiti® airMAX AC Processor 

Up to 450+ Mbps Real TCP/IP Throughput 

Dedicated Wi-Fi Radio for Management

Data Sheet Download

Rocket Powerful airMAX® ac BaseStation 

Model: R5AC-Lite 
airMAX ac Technology for up to 500+ Mbps Throughput 
Superior Processing by airMAX Engine with Custom IC 
Integration with airMAX ac Antennas
AirMax 2x2 Dual-Polarity MIMO Omni Antenna 

Models: AMO-2G10, AMO-2G13, AMO-3G12, AMO-5G10, AMO-5G13 
High Performance, Long Range 
Seamlessly Integrates with Rocket® Radio 
360° Coverage

Ubiquiti Ethernet Surge Protector, Gen 2

Ubiquiti ETH-SP-G2 Ethernet to Ethernet Grounded ESD Protection 

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